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Robert Trosten was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an accounting firm with profound knowledge on finance and funding.

Robert Trosten

The Robert Trosten Scholarship program is a humanitarian initiative of this business leader, a noble cause to come to the assistance of the needy students in America who want to pursue higher studies in the country’s reputed colleges or universities.

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Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

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Robert Trosten

Debt is integral to the smooth functioning of a small business. A business line of credit, loan, or credit card could go a long way in helping your organization while hiring new employees, buying equipment, and efficiently financing growth. 

Robert Trosten

We are aware that more often than not, businesses make a whole lot of mistakes that could prove to be disastrous for them. For instance, we understand that 21% of entrepreneurs running small businesses admit that they are used. 

Robert Trosten

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has hit business very hard, especially small businesses. That generally lack the resilience for overcoming market downturns. It can be extremely challenging for entrepreneurs to deal with the fact that their customers are no longer able to access them

 The initiative of scholarship is like a boon to these students, who do not hail from affluent backgrounds. Therefore, Robert has announced the scholarship money of $1,000 to help the students who want to pursue higher education in the US.

Robert Trosten is extremely aware of the fact that advanced education in the US is quite expensive in comparison to the other countries in the world. When it comes to the college or university fee, it is exorbitant and beyond the rich of middle-class students in America, who chase the dream of higher education or advanced degree for a lucrative career in the days to come. Simultaneously, Robert Trosten knows that higher education in the United States is at the core of building and developing a successful career in the days to come, for these students.

When Robert realized this, he came up with the Robert Trosten Scholarship program with the cordial gesture of helping these US poor students. The initiative will help them enroll for higher studies and stand out from the crowd without fretting over expensive college or university fees. After all, all have the right to better education in the country, be it rich or poor.

Robert Trosten is quite aware that spending on higher course fees for advanced education is somewhat challenging, unfeasible to speak candidly in the US, for those candidates hailing from average or low-income families in the country. To be honest, the students from poor financial backgrounds have no choice but to opt for high-interest education loans from banks or other financial agencies in the country in comparison with their rich peers coming from rich, affluent families, who have no hassles paying for their higher education fees. That is the reason why Robert Trosten Scholarship was initiated in the first place, which is a talent-based and merit-oriented reward program for these poor students, who have the brains but not the money to fulfill higher education dreams.

The scholarship program is very favorable, as the poor students receive financial assistance. They’re not expected to return the money unlike when they take a lofty education loan from a bank or financial agency in the US. It is nothing but a one-time monetary help or prize money for the most brilliant, talented, and deserving students who write an outstanding essay with a word limit of 700-850 on the topic, How can we adapt the school systems to make it more accessible for students with neurological disabilities?”

Robert Trosten is an accomplished, talented business leader who is conscious that higher education is unquestionably the most important and vital aspect as far as building a successful career is concerned. However, the expensive fees involved in pursuing higher studies in the United States seem to be escalating every year and many American students are finding it extremely challenging and unworkable to opt for higher education all alone without any financial assistance or scholarship.

Taking into mind such financial challenges of the students, he has initiated the Robert Trosten Scholarship with the righteous goal of assisting the most deserving and brilliant student in lessening his or her financial stress to prevail over the financial responsibility of costly education in the reputed educational institutions in the country.

Robert Trosten started the scholarship program, as he is aware that most of the candidates fall short of paying for the expensive college education alone with no aid from others. They realize that they can’t complete all the necessary financial conditions. Robert Trosten scholarship is talent-oriented, merit-based prize money for the justly deserving candidate, who has intellect but not the funds to chase higher studies in the United States.


Before any candidate applies for the Robert Trosten Scholarship, he or she should fulfill all essential eligibility criteria. These include:

The student to be at present registered at one of the recognized and popular US colleges and universities.

All candidates must write an engaging, interesting, and informative essay of approx 750-850 words on the subject, How can we adapt the school systems to make it more accessible for students with neurological disabilities?”


Robert Trosten scholarship prize money would be provided to the most talented and best essay writer depending on the evaluation of each submission until the last date of submission of the essays, as mentioned clearly. The candidates who can write a unique, fact-based, and elaborate essay would be awarded the Robert Trosten Scholarship money.


The Robert Trosten scholarship is one-time prize money of $1,000.

How do you apply?

The Robert Trosten scholarship-oriented essay submissions must be completed and sent via an email as an attached Word file to info@roberttrostenscholarship.com.

The following information needs to be sent along with the essay submissions:

 .Full Name

  • Telephone or Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email ID
  • Date of High School Graduation
  • University or College you at present registered, or have applied at, or whose application approved
  • Most recent GPA
  • Personal Bio-data in not more than 290 characters


The last date for the Robert Trosten scholarship entry is June 1, 2021.

The successful candidate’s name will be declared or officially informed on June 15, 2021, through an email.

The name of the winner would be posted on this website www.roberttrostenscholarship.com.

Winner selection

The final victor, who pens an exceptional and outstanding essay, will be informed via a formal email. The student should get in touch with Robert within a couple of weeks or so by replying to the said email. The scholarship money would be sent right away to the student’s bank or financial aid account.