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When all the attention is focused on making the business. Grow as fast as possible by scaling up operations, Robert Trosten spending money upfront. To buy vehicles may be somewhat difficult for entrepreneurs. However, many businesses have discovered that leasing vehicles instead of buying them outright can be a smart way of managing finances. Some of the indisputable benefits of leasing vehicles:

Lower Monthly Payments Translates to Less Pressure on the Cash Flow

Leasing vehicles for your business instead of buying them can cut down significantly. On the requirement of capital needed for business operations. It is especially helpful for first-time entrepreneurs who are desperate. To minimize costs so that they can plow in the profits of business expansion. Since the vehicle has a significant residual value, the lease rental is typically far less than payable for outright payments.

Tax Benefits can be significant, Observes Robert Trosten

When you lease a vehicle for your business, typically in most states in the U.S., you don’t have to pay sales tax on the value of the car that you would have normally have been payable if you were buying it. Rather, you pay taxes only on the value used during the lease period. The advantages of leasing are thus twofold; firstly, you pay less tax, and secondly, you can pay the tax spread. Over the entire lease period instead of having to pay it in full at the time of purchase.

No Expense on Maintenance 

Vehicle maintenance costs can often be quite prohibitive putting the business cash flow under pressure. The smart way of leasing a vehicle is to ensure that the lease period coincides with the manufacturer’s warranty period so that in case there are any issues, the responsibility of getting the car back on road rests with the manufacturer, not the buyer, says Robert Trosten. Alternatively, you can execute a lease agreement where the leasing company has the responsibility of maintaining the vehicle. That the buyer does not have to worry about unexpected maintenance and repair costs.

No Major Upfront Costs

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

When you buy a vehicle, you will normally be required. Arranging for the money can be difficult for new businesses. Especially if several vehicles need to be bought for deliveries, customer service, etc. You can easily avoid this kind of cash outflow by opting for lease financing. According to CNBC, by negotiating with the leasing company, these costs can be brought down to the bare minimum.


Businesses can find vehicle leasing a sweeter deal than outright purchasing because many lease companies offer free gap coverage. It means that if the vehicle needs to be totaled due to an accident, customers would not have to pay the difference between the value of the vehicle and the insurance payout. Businesses with cash constraints should invariably lease vehicles instead of buying them to cut down on the costs.

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